The Journey Begins…

First and foremost a brand is a promise. There must always be a tangible, reliable product or service that is delivered if the brand is going to succeed in the marketplace.

Great brands know who they are and behave as such, consistently delivering their promise, yet constantly evolving to stay relevant and meaningful. Great brands never sit still. They thrive by embedding themselves in the culture and becoming an integral part of our lives

– World’s Greatest Brands

I’ve always agreed with this statement. A brand is a promise, and a promise is nothing without integrity.

As such over the years, through personal and shared experiences, I’ve built up a rather sceptical view of Network Marketing, especially given their exaggerated product claims and ability to earn a proper living as an associate.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll be taking some time to reconsider my views and share first hand experience of what it’s like to start a new business in Network Marketing. I’ll expand on the reasons for my scepticism and what it was that finally brought me around to giving things a shot with Arbonne, as opposed to any other company.

This is my first ever blog and I should say that I run my own creative agency full time, so I’ll try to update as often as possible, but please bear with me if there are gaps.

Arbonne Starter Pack

Today is 1st Oct 2018. I’ve just taken delivery of my first intro pack, and I turn 43 tomorrow! So I’ll let you know how it all goes… 🙂

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