On Target To Achieving a Better BMI

First Big Milestone: <75kg

Yesterday was the first big milestone in my “Discover Arbonne” journey. In just 2.5 weeks, I’ve dropped 2.5kg and to tip the scales at 74.9kg for the first time in a very long time!

Weigh In - 74.9kg

This has been alluding me for some time so I’m absolutely thrilled with the progress so far.

Diets vs. Healthy Living

Now, Arbonne says that they offer a plant-based nutritional products formulated for “weight management”, rather than “weight loss”, but what’s the difference? Presumably, they would like to draw a distinction between choosing a healthy lifestyle (which may include losing weight, but is far more inclusive of other factors) and simply going on a diet with a single aim in mind. And to that end, I can wholeheartedly recommend this approach.

You see, there are a zillion-and-one ‘fad’ diets that all claim to work the best. To name a few you may already be familiar with: ‘The Atkins Diet‘, the ‘South Beach Diet‘, the ‘Zone Diet‘, the ‘Paleo Diet‘ and even ‘Weightwatchers’ or ‘Isagenix‘ (more on the latter in a future blog). Am I being unkind to call these “fads”? Perhaps. People swear by these and there’s little doubt that millions of people have enjoyed success to some degree of other. You can click the links above to learn more and do further research with Google and Bing.

Whilst it’s interesting to compare and challenge the evidence of each diet, health plan or lifestyle choice, it’s rather outside the scope of this particular blog. Still, You might like to check out Debbie Strong’s post at Everyday Health for her take on these, and others. In particular I share her summary sentiments and advice:

“Most importantly, before jumping into a fad diet it’s essential to know that rapid weight loss is not sustainable. Quick weight loss diets are not healthy, and the weight is likely to rebound when you begin eating normally again. Diets that claim you don’t have to exercise are not the best for your overall health. And if you cannot stay on a fad diet or popular diet the rest of your life, it’s better not to start.

Arbonne is of course about healthy living, inside and out. It’s a simple, sustainable approach which encourages healthy eating, taking up exercise and looking after your skin. It’s not rocket science and there are no ‘fasting days’* or ‘high-protein/low carb’ restrictions. It’s just good common sense with results that you should start to see within a month.

My next post will look at my typical Arbonne day (nutrition-wise), what I’ve enjoyed, what I’ve struggled with and how I’ve been feeling. See you next time!


* I’ll cover a little more about my thoughts on Isagenix and fasting diets in future posts.

My Goals

Hopes, Expectations, Results

Having returned from the family holiday, it was time to get this experiment firmly off the ground and find out whether the Arbonne products (and the “30 Days to Healthy Living” programme) were everything they’re cracked up to be.

I had high hopes, low expectations and the results would have to speak for themselves.

As a chap, it’s fair to say that I’m not going to be making the most of the Arbonne Hair and Makeup ranges, but I could certainly explore Nutrition, the RE9 Advanced for Men skincare range and see howBefore Photo 25 Oct 2018 good the Kids range was.

Goal 1 – Weight Loss

A little ‘before’ picture (taken 25 October 2018). As you can see, rather pudgy around the middle and hardly the most flattering picture. Weight, appx 78.5kg / BMI 25.6 (overweight).

For a long time I’ve weighed around 80kg  +/-2kg. I did drop a few kilos and reached 75kg late last year but this took a good few months using MyFitnessPal to monitor my calorie intake and burn. I didn’t manage to keep it off.

  • Reduce weight to 70kg by Christmas
  • Tone muscle at the same time
  • Reach a BMI of 21.2 by June 2019
  • Maintain weight / muscle thereafter

Goal 2 – Fitness

Of course, an essential ingredient of losing weight is plenty of exercise. I started getting into Road Cycling last year but abruptly stopped for about 6 months. It’s my aim to get back into this and rebuild my overall strength & fitness. Current cycling FTP weighted avg. power score 141W.

  • Increase FTP to 175W over 6 months
  • Tone muscles / build definition
  • Build strength & stamina

Goal 3 – Energy

For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt tired every day. I blamed my general fitness and vivid dreams for not getting enough rest, although I was sleeping more than enough (7-8hrs per night). Perhaps the stress of work and family life contributed as well, but it was enough to mention it to my doctor on a couple of occasions. I needed this to change.

  • Feel less tired!

Goal 4 – Diet

So this goes hand-in-hand with all of the above goals but I had a tendency to snack on the wrong things – chocolate, pizzas, ham and scotch eggs being among the worst offenders, and too my McD’s whilst travelling on business. I often felt hungry and would feel the need to eat something every couple of hours. I didn’t have a terrible diet, but it could certainly be improved.

  • Eat less processed foods
  • Eat less chocolate
  • Reduce caffeine
  • Improve my fruit, fibre and veggie intake
  • Feel less hungry
  • Improve my gut (I won’t go into details, but you know what I mean!)

Goal 5 – Confidence / Spirits

Generally, I’ve considered myself to be a very positive person, full of confidence, empathy, and a commitment to see things through. And that has certainly been true of the past but lately, I’ve found it harder to maintain this outlook and have suffered a few knock-backs. I’ve found myself procrastinating too much and let others get me down. I need a pick-me-up and a chance to get back on top.

  • Rebuild confidence in myself and others
  • Spend more time with positive people
  • Make better use of my time
  • Build my social network offline and online (here’s looking at you, dear readers)
  • Set new goals & learn new skills

Goal 6 – Looks!

I’ve recently celebrated my 43rd birthday so I need to work a little harder on this! I want to ensure I’m looking healthy on the outside as well as feeling it on the inside so this goal is really the culmination of all the others preceding it. Hopefully my improved physical appearance and renewed confidence will shine through and inspire others. Add to this a better skincare regime and a more versatile wardrobe, and I’ll be very happy!

  • Reduce blemishes / wrinkles
  • Have a sparkle in my eyes / reduce puffiness
  • Better shaving (I tend to struggle with shaving rash)
  • Dress to kill!

Goal 7 – Financial Freedom

It’s certainly true that with age comes greater financial responsibility and increased costs; mortgages, child care, family holidays, vehicle expenses, school fees, entertainment… it all adds up. And then there’s pensions and savings, which I’ve started far too late in life. Gaining financial freedom then, is critically important for all of us. However, I’m not sure that I expect much from Arbonne in this respect.

0.8% of consultants will reach the top tier and the vast majority of people starting this as a business will drop out. That said, there is scope to earn a little extra cash (and indeed, a lot of cash for some people) and if this can be put towards a family holiday or help to offset child care costs, then all well and good.

  • Earn £500/month from Arbonne after 12 months
  • Earn £1500/month from Arbonne after 24 months


So let’s see how we get on, eh? Do please subscribe to my blog to follow my Discover Arbonne journey and I’ll be sure to post again soon!

The Journey Begins…

First and foremost a brand is a promise. There must always be a tangible, reliable product or service that is delivered if the brand is going to succeed in the marketplace.

Great brands know who they are and behave as such, consistently delivering their promise, yet constantly evolving to stay relevant and meaningful. Great brands never sit still. They thrive by embedding themselves in the culture and becoming an integral part of our lives

– World’s Greatest Brands

I’ve always agreed with this statement. A brand is a promise, and a promise is nothing without integrity.

As such over the years, through personal and shared experiences, I’ve built up a rather sceptical view of Network Marketing, especially given their exaggerated product claims and ability to earn a proper living as an associate.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll be taking some time to reconsider my views and share first hand experience of what it’s like to start a new business in Network Marketing. I’ll expand on the reasons for my scepticism and what it was that finally brought me around to giving things a shot with Arbonne, as opposed to any other company.

This is my first ever blog and I should say that I run my own creative agency full time, so I’ll try to update as often as possible, but please bear with me if there are gaps.

Arbonne Starter Pack

Today is 1st Oct 2018. I’ve just taken delivery of my first intro pack, and I turn 43 tomorrow! So I’ll let you know how it all goes… 🙂